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Although the trucks had much more torque at lower RPM as a result. No vin or serial number on this tranmission. . The number on the front passenger side of the engine block will NOT tell you the displacement of the engine block. A detailed explanation as to the location of all vintage Corvette identification numbers is also supplied. I've also read that the valves that come with the assembled head are 2-piece and should be replaced in performance Specifications for the 1963 Corvette, including dimensions, electrical, capacities, engine, and features. Holden LS1, LS2, LS3, L76, L98 Engines. 7-6. Katech is an industrial leader in advanced racing and high performance engine development. Genuine Cylinder Head Bolts Set. Speedmaster is currently working on a line of MLS exhaust / header Gaskets. The question now is: Does it make more sense to perform an LS3 head upgrade or go with a set of aftermarket cathedral-port heads? The aftermarket-head approach is a lot more expensive, but this test illustrates that the LS3 head swap isn’t the only game in town. The part number of the exhaust gasket is GM pn# 12901125. Manufacturer of fasteners found in engines and drivelines, ranging from OEM replacement parts to specialty hardware for racing applications. afraid to say you have a 2006 build LS2 if you paid for the l76 ill be going back and see the fitter THIS IS FOR CAST NUMBER 823 ONLY. Finally, there is a second casting, also based on the LS3 cylinder head, but with a smaller combustion chamber and smaller LS1 valves. LS3/L92 (0821 casting) vs. 7-litre pushrod V8 petrol engine with all-aluminium construction that was produced by General Motors (GM) and available in Holden and HSV vehicles from 1999 to 2006. 2L based Chevrolet Corvettes and various 2007-2008 L92 L76 6. For truck, van, SUV and perfomance applications. History, Production Stats & Facts, Engine Specs, VIN Numbers, Colors & Options, Performance & Much More, we cover it all. '08. Watch as Al points out some key things to look out for when selecting a set of cylinder heads for your LS Engine build Generation IV V8 cylinder head. View Details. 25 x 45 . 3795896-283/327 application, power pack head, has single triangle as casting symbol, valve size 1. Now you can get this porting service on your cylinder heads at an incredibly  Chevy LS3 L92 L76 250cc 64cc As Cast Bare Aluminum Cylinder Head. Min head CC 64cc for LS1 (casting 241-243-853 only). I don't remember the casting numbers but I believe the unfinished chamber is a 4 digit number 10. On the LS6, a higher flowing intake manifold and MAF sensor are installed. How is it better? The LS2 intake has a larger opening and larger intake runners. Cranks. You could have a bad head and get something better or just the opposite. Although there were engine suffix codes assigned to 1966 L79 Chevelle engines, Chevrolet production numbers indicate no RPO L79 options were ordered/sold in 1966 Chevelles. The head casting (which can be viewed from the passenger side of the vehicle just in front of the valve cover) was 706. 729. A true American Sports Car. 99. 0. LS1 So with the 6ma prefix i thought mine would be an L76 This is where my confusion as to whether its an LS2 or L76 came from as im getting two stories from different parts of the engine, i was more inclined to trust the engine number info than a sticker. 12 Sep 2017 Chevy L76 Car Engine Specs Casting Number. Do not be confused by this cast number for the cylinder head is for both 4. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Corvette Head for your car or truck. 900" bore option based on a GM casting our CNC'd 5. Remember, time and technology have marched on and the 5. 50. Valve set for GM 364 V8 head. This fine road machine was and still is America’s only true sports car. Unlike most other Chevy V-8 s, the LS-series engines utilize individual O-rings around each port to seal the intake manifold to cylinder head. 3L LS1 Options: 218cc Full CNC Porting Package For those looking for a high compression capable 3. ” We checked the 317 casting number flow numbers out and found that they are pretty much the same flow as the LS6 heads. It has rectangular intake ports and D shaped exhaust ports. vs 2. L76 Intake L92 Heads (823 casting/stock LS2 springs/milled . 669 cc, applications include passenger car, Chevy II, Corvette, and Chevelle. (NOTE: Don’t confuse the engine specs here with the L-76 5. In front of that transmission, a double A-arm suspension employs an authentic-feeling manual steering rack. By zippy, L76/L92 Cylinder head assembly: 12629064 Those part numbers are just casting numbers for the plastic. WE DEAL WITH ALL MAKE AND MODEL CYLINDER HEADS. I purchase a used engine and only use the block and these heads came out of the engine. 2 LS3 Cylinder Head Casting #821 one pair (no Core require) Number of bids and bid amounts The 454 HO big block is Chevy Performance's most economical alternative crate engine to rebuilding - see images, dyno specs, installation info and more. Displacing 6. 36 gears. You can take these heads to your ma Chevy LS 317 cylinder heads (cores) (MENIFEE) $100 The LS based small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of . 125". Material L76 (Truck) Cylinder Head Specs  9 May 2014 CYLINDER HEAD CASTING NUMBERS. The LS series was a clean sheet design with little in common with the classic Chevrolet small block V8. New parts are warrantied for 6 months. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, APEX, DNJ Rock, Elring, Felpro, Genuine, Mahle, Replacement, VR Gaskets. The flow numbers for Modern Cylinder Head were from a number of different sources, their Web Site updated Nov. But im deducing from mick that is has to be an LS2 because of the E40 computer . Also, if you mean an L92 or LS3 head (L76 is the intake piece that goes with the L92 head), this outflows the 243 by a substantial margin, not the other way around. 3L V8 Vortec LC9 was an engine produced by General Motors for use in the 2006-2014 GMT900-based Chevrolet Suburban 4WD and GMC Yukon XL 4WD. Ls2 Heads. Part Number: 12559862 . . Our all-new cylinder head casting is a modern take with all the old-school looks you desire out of a reproduction camel hump head. 59in (40mm) exhaust valves, though the LS3 also scored hollow stem valves that allows it to rev to 6600rpm compared to 6000rpm in the L76. Get L92/LS3 heads ported and setup for an naturally aspirated motor. By creating a cylinder head casting that performs like a ported design right out of the box, Dart has developed a serious advantage—especially when you take the price point of these cylinder heads into account, which Maskin says will hit the marketplace approximately $200 less per head than competing designs, while offering better performance. Here are some of the Regular Option CODES Code, for 1975. An easy way to gain 20-40 horsepower on any 1955-and-newer Small Block Chevrolet V8 (except later LT1/LT1 Engines) is by installing a set of Vortec cylinder heads. Same GM casting number is used for both. The failure was due to undetected porosity around the oil drains in the head. The L76 and L77 were 6. 0L, Gen. The 400 number is what was found in the GTOs and Corvettes, while the 390 hp number is for the ones that came from the trucks due to the different intake manifold. All claims are to be . Head Bolt Kit. Horsepower levels The L76 sends power to an original Muncie 4-speed, which hangs a correct 3831704 casting number and matching partial VIN in front of a correct "CB" branded rear end that twists a posi-traction differential around friendly, 3. 7L Hemi engine is susceptible to issues that include: dropped valve seats, head gasket leaks, oil consumption, dry start-up, piston scuffing, valve guide wear, low oil pressure/knocking, bearing damage, oil leaks and runability issues. On the Exhaust side of the head, all non-LS7 heads utilize the same MLS header gasket. We do offer many upgrades to customize your engine, such as ARP bolts and studs, Cometic head gaskets, etc. Ai 260cc CNC'd GM 821 LS3 Cylinder Head Package GM's #821 rectangular port casting has decent potential out of the box. Camshafts are identified by (usually) the last 4 digits of the part number and a casting symbol. 030-inch cylinder adapter, while the LS7 head-flow numbers came from the . Tilt this Corvette's hood and you'll find an original L76 V8 that hangs a familiar 3782870 casting number behind a matching 113108 partial VIN and correct “HL” suffix stamp. These heads will come with no valves and springs though. From there GM took the LS2 and added their Active Fuel Management – the L76 was born. NOT all Escalades or Denali’s came with LQ9’s. For instance, the Duntov cam has a GM part number 3736097 but cast into the camshaft is the number 3736098. 8L / 5. The fuel-injected L84 327 was factory rated at 375 horsepower, while the carbureted L76 version was rated 10-hp down at 365 hp. This is a discussion on Casting 862 Heads within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I picked up my car that was advertised as 6. If you find a gm number, it Our Full CNC porting for GM 823 L92's is a great budget head for 600hp+ builds. This list is of only engine and more rare options for that year. Early LS1 and LS6 engines used different-length 11mm bolts, but engines from 2004 and later use same-length bolts. 000" or is it 'close enough' to work with the L92's? The Third interesting thing is the block-casting number (12568952). This page lists online resources for the 53 - 82 Chevrolet Corvette. Cylinder heads are rectangular-port castings as found on the L92/L76/L98, with 6mm offset intake rocker arms, 2. So for 1965, Sting Ray underwent subtle refinements in styling that only enhanced its unique looks. The trim number represents the color of the interior, the paint color is the exterior "Magic Mirror" paint color. High performance cylinder head and billet intake manifold manufacturer for LS, HEMI, Small and Big Block Chevy platforms. 050 In/ex–Lift in/ex–centerline–description 88958758 CNC LS3 Cylinder Head Assembly Features: The CNC-ported LS3 head features 276cc intake runners and 92cc exhaust ports, along with a combustion chamber volume of about 68. I bought a 3721 afb carb (and i have several more) and of all things my original 283 had 2 1/2 inch exhaust manifolds. Information On Car and Truck Repair, Parts and Services Head Casting Engine Facts Begins Affiliate Partnership JEGS High Performance AfterMarket Performance Parts This is a list of Corvettes C3 Production Numbers by year and color codes. 862 For Sale. Casting Number: 12595364 or 12582716 Valve Angle: 15-degree (GM L76, L92 & LS3) The LS1 / LS2 / LS6 style heads & manifolds use GM pn# 12533587 and the LS3 / L76 / L92 style heads use GM pn# 1290125. The side cover is dated 4-16-62. Camaro/Firebird GM Performance Vortec Cylinder Head Assembly, Cast Iron, 64cc. 3L blocks were used for a differential support of some kind for the Trailblazer/Envoy chassis, because the aluminum block was the only one that was used in these small SUVs. GM 706/862 5. 0L engines was a 12561873 casting. GM tranny, branded and tested by Allison. 12568952. 46 Another visual difference is in the casting. The 455 is a member of Oldsmobile's V-8 engine class. AFR Find Chevrolet Performance LSA Cylinder Heads 12675872 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Chevrolet Performance LSA cylinder heads offer high-strength cast aluminum casting for your supercharged application with premium steel intake and Inconel exhaust valves. 0L motor and flows enough air to keep a 400 horsepower 6. Cylinder Heads and Casting Numbers. found an era correct 459 4 bbl cast iron intake (and i have and extra one). So did GM inform us wrong that the L76 has a 101. Starting with a standard issue Chevy 305 small block, here are some interesting notes: both use aluminum intake early LG4 models had a cast iron intake however both use the same heads casting: 601 58cc chambers (60cc ?), 178cc runners (158cc ?) valve size in L69 heads were larger L69 : 1. Casting Number 706 and 862. Note: L79 engines have hydraulic lifters. LSX Head cast numbers / flow /swap info. All flow numbers for MORGO Systems come from them Updated Sept. ” Hardest of the Hardcore: LSx-DR – Part Number 19166979 Chevrolet Performance Fully Assembled L92 Cylinder Head. GM General Motors Holden LS1, LS2, LS3, L76, L98. Briggs told us that “The 317 casting number truck head is pretty hard to beat. 00. New parts warranty will be limited to replacement of defective parts. 165 in (55 mm) intake valves, and  18 Oct 2018 2008 Pontiac G8 GT L76 engine photo by Top Speed. 64-0867 - Corvette Sting Ray convertible 64-0867 - Corvette Sting Ray coupe The body number is the serial number of the body. Skip to content . These value priced cast iron cylinder head Also known as "fuelie" heads, the 3782461 castings were used on many legendary Chevrolets from 1961-1967. The cylinder head for both engines is aluminum with a casting number of 862, however on the deck face area in a small cavity there is a 4. The 04-present models do not have that tab. 260 X 8625 Piston Shelf Stock Kit - Wisk556m862 Locate Corvette Head on sale below with the biggest choice of Corvette Head anywhere online. The L76 was the Gen IV RPO and aluminum cylinder head and block was used. 72/1. Stock LS2 should have casting number 243 on front drivers side head. casting. Casting “461” (as most people in the business call it) was available on optional engines in 1963 and 1964. The Gen III block was constructed from cast iron for the entirety of its availability. I still got it wrong the first time. Enough about what might be, let’s get to the tail of the tape. The all-new PRC aftermarket casting LS3 cylinder heads are designed to flow considerably more  Higgins Racing Heads have been supplying cylinder heads to major race teams from Aussie manufactured Higgins LS-series cast alloy CNC ported heads. However, it was only available in Australian Holden vehicles. Cylinder Head Bolt Size (10) M11 x 2 x 100, (5) M8 x 1. Lingenfelter in house CNC ported GM LSA aluminum cylinder heads can be used on 2009-2013 production 6. 0). Chevy LS3 L92 L76 270cc 71cc Full CNC Bare Aluminum Cylinder Head the LS-series heads are produced using our "Gravity Casting" process. 0L (LS2 / L76 / L98 / L77) engines used the same block casting, being 12568952 That number should be cast into the rear of the block just below the back end of the left hand cylinder head, just above the bellhousing The early blocks and the 1998–2000 version (casting # 12559846, 12559090) utilize what is characterized as “medium-length” head bolts, in contrast to the 2000–2002 LS1 (casting # 12559378, 12560626) and 2001–2004 LS6 (casting # 12564243), which have longer head bolts. World’s top manufacturer of performance camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts for all race and street performance engines Extensive CNC and dyno testing has resulted in one of the most affordable and powerful LS7-based cylinder heads available! Flowing up to 53 CFM more than the stock GM LS7 head, the all-new PRC cylinder heads offer both unmatched power and airflow! The 285cc runner is recommended for higher HP applications with a minimum bore size of 4. HEAD GASKETS Rowley Corvette's BY THE NUMBERS contains engine suffix codes, block casting numbers, glass date codes and much more. Introduced in January 1995, it is a "clean sheet" design with only rod bearings and bore spacing in common with the longstanding Chevrolet small block V8 that preceded it as the basis for GM small-block V8s. Are they worth it? Are these heads the same ones as on a LS3? Since they are bare couldn't I just get the sodium filled valves and good springs and end up with a "LS3" head? The block's casting date is either on the passenger side of the block at the rear where the bellhousing bolts to the block or on the passenger side of the block near the freeze plug and generally are in the format of a letter for the month, a one- or two-digit number for the day and a single digit number for the year. We have some of the lowest prices on Chevrolet Performance Parts, Chevrolet Performance Engines, and Chevrolet Performance Transmissions. Changes should be meaningful. : Can't remember where I found this or I'd give him full credit. they The 5. Small Block Chevy Factory Cams Camshafts influence your engine's power output since they control how your engine will run. 500. RPO CODES Regular Production Option . 0L motors including the standard LQ4 and the LQ9 performance motor. The majority of the engines have the sodium filled valves. S. We offer a variety of Ls2 Heads for your automotive needs. For help go to engine Code help or engine decoding FAQ. 3 liters in a V8 configuration, the Get fast, Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 from Summit Racing--no shipping, handling, or rural fees! Exclusions apply. The Casting Number for a LS Series Block is located on the rear of the block just below the drive side head. 2L based Cadillac CTS-V, 2012-2013 Camaro ZL1, and various 2007-2012 L92 L76 6. Also, “243” heads are also used which simply refers to the casting number. The LS-Series family of engines has continued Chevrolet Performance's tradition of raising the power potential of the legendary small-block V-8. The LS2 intake is slightly better than the LS1 intake. pump casting so that no coolant flows through the composite intake manifold ¶Inconnel (high temperature) exhaust valves for long-term durability ¶Shallow sump oil pan for marine applications ¶Floating pin pistons which reduce noise and increase durability ¶Heavy-duty timing chain with a new leaf spring LS2 vs LS3: Cylinder Heads. The distance from the engine block to the pulley mounting surface on the hub (hub height) is 5 9/16 inches for the 327 and 350 cubic inch V8 engines and these engines used casting number 3782608. Ed. See Vehicle Application tab for specifics. 3L has been the recipient of improvements in head flow, intake design and modern fuel injection. viper gen 2, cylinder heads - they are truly a MOPAR RACING DEVELOPMENT HEADS , made in 2001 for the 2002 GTS-R racing vipers . Commodore ETP Part Number. Some heads with this casting number would fail (but not all of them) as GM had different suppliers for the same head. The last 3 or 4 digits of a head's casting number are located on the lower-right side of the head. the LS2 had some minor changes porting etc to increase flow, but was not enough to match the flow figures of the L98 superior heads. 12 Sep 2017 4 block and the cathedral port heads from the LS6. I also have a 3 inch body lift which makes seeing the number easier. SPONSORED 2 Chevy LS1 LS2 LS6 210cc 64cc 2 Aluminum Cylinder Heads Pro Header Qual cast. com 1-800-456-0211 The LS1 or ‘Generation III’ was a 5. CNC cylinder head porting services. Wiseco For Sr20 Turbo -12cc 1. Choose from three different valve options, starting with the basic stainless-steel to hollow-stem and titanium (like stock). 2 Chevy LS1 LS2 . You can Casting Numbers, 12568952. RPO Code, AFM, VVT, Holes in the Injector Spray Nozzle, Cylinder Head Casting Number. Casting Number: 12568952. Casting Number 706 and 862 Head: 1999+ 4. 000" bores. 000" bore LS2 engine. 3 is a great option. Got a 4. The 30-30 cam came in 327's. Casting number 12559378, 12559846 and 12560626 were released in 2000 with a cored rear cover oil passage design change. 5:1. Visit Our "What's New" page to get all the latest Chevrolet Performance News, Announcements, and Specials. No doubt while searching for info on best casting #'s to look for. LS1 vs LS2: Intake. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Corvette Cylinder Heads for your vehicle So, I checked my TBSS today, and really oddly, my TBSS has a #799 cylinder head on the passenger side, and a #243 cylinder head on the drivers side. PSI specializes in the design and manufacture of GM Standalone Wiring Harnesses for LT1 and LS Engines and Transmissions. Material. By utilizing valvesprings with the stock conical shape, we completely eliminate the possibility of rocker arm to retainer interference found in some other head designs. Corvette Cylinder Heads. The casting number, located on the top rear edge of the block, is 12561168. FITS YEARS 2005-2008 LS3 L92 SQUARE PORT. Where the 1963 Corvette had been eagerly anticipated and well-received by the press, the 1964 Sting Ray was absolutely loved by both critics and consumers alike. The compression ratio is 11:1 with a compression rating of 140 pounds per square inch. That means the heads need to be angle milled to bring compression up to at least 10. Love it or hate it, the LS engine family has taken the world by storm. I never seen this engine run. Stock LS1 should have casting number 241 on front drivers side head. LS Head Gaskets/Bolts LS Valve Springs Gen III & Gen IV Small Blocks Part Number Description Liters CID HP TQ Bore Stroke Part Number Description Liters CID HP TQ Unlike most other Chevy V-8"s, the LS-series engines utilize individual O-rings around each port to seal the intake manifold to cylinder head. CORVETTE BY THE NUMBERS has proven invaluable to those looking to validate a prospective Corvette purchase. These blocks are designed specifically to handle from 450-900 horsepower on LS-Series late model small block engines, which include the LS1, LS2, LS4, LS6, LS7, LQ4, LQ9, and L76. Flow Numbers*: Stock 6. The casting number ended in 098. I have seen many Denali’s with LQ4’s actually. How ever, They need to be matched up with the  Results 1 - 16 of 444 Fits GM LS w/ Rectangle-Port Heads (LS3/L92/L99/L76) Includes fully to the best performing, cast in the US, cylinder head on the market! . 327 ID questions for the Chevy Detective Squad. This head is “designed to have the intake configuration of a LS3 head, but fit the smaller bore blocks of the LS1 and LS6 engines. Although most of these issues are easy to resolve, Northstar engines are very expensive to repair, and preventative maintenance is critical. Material L76 (Car) Cylinder Head Specs  3 May 2018 This guide is specifically about the GM L76 truck engine. 50, combustion chamber size 59. Chevy L76 Truck Engine Specs. Our 260cc Budget CNC option is a great choice for guys who would like to realize most of the potential gains available with the 821, but are not inclined to port the casting to its ultimate potential. This is for one head only. 134-3609 Chevrolet Small Block LS, 2004 & later, except LS9, with all same length bolts, hex Head Bolt Kit. The year decade (1960's or 1970's or 1980's) would be determined by the starter number. This program works on the following head casting numbers: 821 823 364 716 5364. Designed by Ed Cole's group at Chevrolet to provide a more powerful engine for the 1955 Corvette than the model's original " Blue Flame" in-line six, the 162 hp (121 kW) 2-barrel debut version went from drawings to production in just 15 weeks. The aluminum versions were limited to the Corvette, although an iron casting was standard on the IROC-Z and Z/28 Camaro, Trans Am, and Corvette starting in 1985. 76/1. (See Image) The head casting (which can be viewed from the passenger side of the vehicle just in front of the valve cover) was 706. The LS1 / LS2 / LS6 style heads & manifolds use GM pn# 12533587 and the LS3 / L76 / L92 style heads use GM pn# 1290125. 500 on the engine is easy. If you are building a full out track only racing engine or a mild street cruiser there is a strong and durable LS cylinder block available to assure that you produce The L76 sends power to an original Muncie 4-speed, which hangs a correct 3831704 casting number and matching partial VIN in front of a correct "CB" branded rear end that twists a posi-traction differential around friendly, 3. , one of the world’s premier performance engine builders, has expanded its line of proprietary CNC cylinder head porting services for several late-model General Motors LS/LT engines 6. All options are listed, including prices and quantities shipped. The difference is in their heads and intake. These heads were used on all the 6. L76/L92 cylinder head we with early Gen motors are going Rebuilt 5. Introduced in January 1995, it is a "clean sheet" design with only rod bearings, lifters, and bore spacing in common with the longstanding Chevrolet small block V8 that preceded it as the basis for GM small-block V8s. nothing is different. The L76/L92/LS3 cylinder heads use 2. 2L and 6. 20", stroke 3. That was the last 3 digits of the part number. History of the LS Engine and Cylinder Head Casting Number Spotter’s Guide: LS1, LS6, LS2, LS3, LS4, L99, LS7, LSA, LS9, LQ9, LQ4, L92, L94 (LY6) there are some aluminum (L76) blocks variants CNC Porting Service. 012 and . 3 L) "Turbo-Fire" V8 was the first Chevrolet small-block, although the first Chevrolet V8 was produced from 1917 to 1918. Chevrolet Corvette Online resources for the 53 - 82 Chevrolet Corvette. 11 We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. This page was created with the marriage of three different pages so that everyone could use it for the furtherment of knowledge and use, happy MoParin'! The 8th digit of the VIN Number will indicate the engine type “U” is an LQ4, and “N” is an LQ9. I pointed that out to my father and he asked me if it was an LS1, LS2 or what it is? Is there a way to identify an engine without looking for casting numbers? C6 Tech/Performance - GM 821 casting heads vs 823/L92 - Anyone have any tech info on the differences in the new 821 casting compared to the 823/L92 casting? Is there a part number for the GM catalog yet on the new 821's? The LS2 and L76 were also available in truck versions. That's the same volume as stock LS3 heads, which maintains the stock compression ratio. The entire engine Code contains the assembly plant, month and day along with the engine suffix Code. 16 intake valve (solid stem) 12582719 1. iron ( LY6) there are some aluminum (L76) blocks variants out there. One of the main differences between the LS1 and the LS2 is in the intake manifold. A Little Tech & Trivia about the L79. The 1967 Corvettes had a new casting (3890462) for the 327-ci engine. On most Chevrolet blocks the casting number is located on the bellhousing flange behind the driver's side head. Both the engines are very similar and share a 5. 0L casting number 317 pair of aluminum Cylinder head (Cores) in good condition. It doesn’t indicate a different cam or an earlier or later version. 0L Truck (317) vs. Navigate: StoreFront / Cylinder Head Parts & Services / Cylinder Head Services / CNC Port LS3/L92/L99/L76 821, 823, 364, 716, 5364 Cylinder Heads (PAIR) The Chevrolet Performance L76/L92 Aluminum Cylinder Head is designed to fit any LS family engine with a four inch or larger bore. Lingenfelter offers a CNC ported version of the L92/LS3 aluminum cylinder head used on 2008 production 6. com and affiliated sites. THIS SALE IS FOR ONE CYLINDER HEAD. The cylinder head ports and chambers are carefully redesigned to produce the best flow characteristics that will provide improved horsepower & torque. Moving on from the success and popularity of the classic small-block Chev, GM applied some new technology in the form of EFI to a proven and reliable concept. We offer a variety of Corvette Cylinder Heads for your automotive needs. 3 Liter Truck Material: Aluminimum Part Number: 12559862 12561706 Cast-iron cylinder head casting number 3782461 was widely used from 1962 through 1966 on small-blocks. The crankshaft centre line to delta measurement cannot be less than 160mm. 0-litre pushrod V8 petrol engines that were produced by General Motors at its Silao, Mexico, plant. Part Number List. There are two castings out there. Judging solely by the peak numbers, there was little difference between the 351 hp and 393 lbs-ft of torque offered by the L46 350 and the 345 hp and 381 lbs-ft of torque offered by the smaller 327. 4L small block which could be found in the C2 Sting Ray Corvette The following is an abbreviated list of popular LS cylinder-head casting numbers followed by a short description. The 350 CID V8 engine number is on the front of the left bank of cylinders. Part Number: 12498545. CHEVY 1960's ERA CRATE ENGINE 327 — 350 HP, 365 HP, 375 HP (This is the Chevy-24 page) These are nostalgic era engines from a real barn find!! Pricing: 327 350 HP priced from $3995 (+ $995 for turnkey package) 327 365 HP priced from $4295 (+ $1195 for turnkey package) 327 375 HP priced from $4595 (+ $1295 for turnkey package) Cloyes timing set can be used Part Number. But yet it accepts L92 heads, and everyone tells you those heads won't work with anything less than 4. This is a discussion on 6. The cast iron head on the '99-'01 truck 6. 1965 C2 Corvette Ultimate Guide. Products sold by Engine Parts Australia are not intended for use where fail-safe operation is required. We suspect that the extra bolt holes on the alu-minum 5. GM Chevy 6. We're talking 340cfm on the intake side vs 278 or so for a 243 casting. REVIEWS: 0 AVERAGE RATING OF 0. 5364, 823. 134-3610 LG4 vs. ALL Silverado SS Trucks had LQ9's and I believe ALL Escalades after 2002 got the LQ9 as well. The Complete History of Chevy Big-Block Engines The Family Tree Unlike lesser engines, the evolution of the big-block Chevy can be traced back to a prestigious great-great-grand pappy, the high-performance 425-hp L78 396, first available in 1965 Corvettes and Chevelles. All flow numbers for NPS — Nordic Porting Service come from Marko Pirkonen their Web Site Updated April '12 Upgrading a set of cylinder heads for a LS engine can be a little tricky. 0 heads on it and found out that it actually had Note: A Mexican LS2 cylinder head, casting number 799, is also available, but features a rougher finish than the U. 12561706 The only difference is the 821's can be a LS3 head and have the lighter intake valves and yellow valve springs but still them same head and flow. LS6 heads are the best choice only when all-out power is needed. The L76 sends power to an original Muncie 4-speed, which hangs a correct 3831704 casting number and matching partial VIN in front of a correct "CB" branded rear end that twists a posi-traction differential around friendly, 3. We have lumped some casting numbers together when there may be small differences GM L76 Car Engine Specs. ” Hardest of the Hardcore: LSx-DR – Part Number 19166979 The 1963 Corvette received a major restyling, new mechanics and a new name "Stingray". The coding or Casting number is near the backside of the head on the passenger side if it's a 799, it would be near the front of the head on the passenger side if it's a 243. See what makes SD Parts stand apart from the competition today! SDParts. Casting Numbers. It is unwise to just tinker with an American classic like the Corvette Sting Ray. The 97-03 housings have an additional tab on it to hold the wiring in place for the A/C compressor. You'll have to run an L76/LS3 intake and four bolt throttle body which means mounting an electric gas pedal in the car. Procomp Electronics is currently working on a line of MLS exhaust / header gaskets. Chevrolet's small-block V8 is a famous automobile engine. K19 is Air Injection Reactor equipment; A/C means Air Conditioning (C6); P/S means Power Steering (N40); M22 is Heavy-Duty 1965 Corvette Specs . The casting date is usually found near the casting number. Big Block Buick Heads. Small Block Water Pumps 1967-68 Short style small block water pumps were used for engines in Camaros in 1967 and 1968. Chevy LS1 LS2 LS6 210cc 62cc As Cast Bare Aluminum Cylinder Head. With a maximum top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h), a curb weight of 3225 lbs (1463 kgs), the Corvette C3 327 L79 350hp has a naturally-aspirated V 8 cylinder engine, Petrol motor. What we quickly learn from this discussion is that there were a number of great small blocks produced during the muscle car era, but only one can lay claim to having the highest factory power rating. Some articles and folks will tell you the L76 block has bores a poofteenth under 4. Be prepared for a big price tag at the dealer or steep core charge from your head porter. Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center is one of the largest automotive supply centers in the world. The L76—like its LS2 sibling—is a 6. One of the most powerful naturally aspirated V8s of its day, this impressive small block utilizes a hot cam, solid lifters, forged internals and transistorized ignition To improve the performance of the Corvette and F-body cars, the L98 cylinder heads (developed through the motorsports program) were offered on the 350 small block. These heads can only be used on 5. Warranty: Yes, Manufacturer Part Number:  Results 1 - 48 of 170 Holden Commodore 5. Most LS production cylinder blocks share the came cylinder head bolt pattern and the same size head bolts - four 11mm bolts per cylinder (10 in total) and five upper, 8mm bolts. 2680- 327 crank, forged steel, main diameter 2. Was this casting actually used for an L76, or is this definitely a replacement block? The casting number is I was at a carshow and saw a LS based engine in an old Chevelle. 4, 6. We figured the midrange would be a little weak on a 378 cid engine due to the port volume. Heads: Following GM Head castings only. 12590771 2. It’s actually a pretty good head when it comes to boost because of the bigger combustion chamber. 0L. very very rare P0500401AA is the part number on each head the casting number is 04763722AB . The traditional five-bolt pentagonal cylinder head pattern was replaced with a square four-bolt design, and the pistons are of the flat-topped variety. The 265 cu in (4. I remember this cam as only availble in 283's. 4, aluminum small block engine that was used both in GM cars and trucks. The cylinder head was cast as a single piece of alloy, with hemispherical combustion chambers and opposed valves. This engine was placed in a wide variety of Oldsmobile's vehicles for a period of nine years. Your view of the number will vary, but this is where it is located. PN: TEA-GML922-CUSTOM. 0L engines had an aluminum head with a 12562317 or 12572035 casting number. let me know when u head in that direction. 30") LPE CAI 1 7/8ths catted ARHs Magnaflow CB UDP 160 Tstat Tune Ended up with 415 HP/407 Ft-lbs TQ (w/stock cam) I had to stick with the stock cam since I didn't want to deal with any emissions issues since my son has asthma. Corvette Head. Chevrolet Factory Cam Specs by part number Part # Lifter type–duration at . Muscle Car Madness-350-HP L79 vs L46: The results of this test are why we go to all the trouble of dyno testing in the first place. 8 cast onto the cylinder head. Is the current tranny a true Allison, or the same dealio? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro More like Ford trans, tweaked by GM, tested and badged by Allison. It’s also designed for a 6. 3, ls1 hot cam, home ported 241 heads with z06 springs, edelbrock The exhaust port is a unique D-shape that improves flow. Some common Northstar engine problems include head gasket failures, excessive oil consumption, knocking or pinging, oil leaks and no oil pressure. The 6. Head: 1999+ 4. Displacing 5. 0 05-07 Corvette 02-13 Silverado 12589227 1967 Corvette 427 Cylinder Head Casting Number 3909802 Dated A 25 7 - Camaro The GM LS engine is a new engine design intended as the only V-8 engine utilized in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. For 1963 the 327 options stayed the same until 1964 when the horsepower was increased to 365 bhp for the top end carbureted model (known as the L76) and the fuel injected model received a boost of 15 horsepower which put it at 375 bhp (known as the L84). 5cc. 000". Neither is said to be an advantage or disadvantage. Given the number of other upgrades combined with the brake package’s hefty price, RPO J56 only made its way into 29 cars that year. 0-inch bore and 3. Rowley Corvette's BY THE NUMBERS contains engine suffix codes, block casting numbers, glass date codes and much more. Compared side by side, the L76 327 comes by its displacement using a 4. A CNC head is only as good as the program and the casting it was designed on. L69. The lower coils are round and taper up to a smaller diameter resembling a Beehive. 0 LS1 Gen 3 LS2 LS3 L76 L98 Head Bolts VX VY VZ VE Nason. 7 6. 3 Gm Gmc Chevy Cylinder Heads 243 Casting Number Ls2 Ls6. Buy a 2008 Pontiac G8 Head Gasket at discount prices. Also known as "fuelie" heads, the 3782461 castings were used on many legendary Chevrolets from 1961-1967. 0L, car engine family. Engine blocks, engines, transmissions, Connect & Cruise systems and other Chevrolet Performance parts are designed, engineered, and tested by Chevrolet. Head and Block Construction. On 12/7/2018 at 8:08 PM, pronstar said: Interesting. 2005 Chevy LQ4 6. The heads are similar in design to those developed for the 2001 LS6 Corvette V8. The L76 is a 6. 84/1. Assembly date WE292 (May 29th,1962). Generation IV cylinder head for V8 truck, van, SUV and perfomance applications. (See Image) However, occasionally the cast number may be located on the Passenger Side. Proven capable of supporting 700hp+ on 408cid+. The LS based GM small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. 0L based GM trucks. Your Source for LSX Conversion Parts. Unfollow ls2 performance heads to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. 25 inches with a torque rating of 350 foot-pounds at 4,000 rpm. This is the exact same number as the 4. The camshafts rode in saddles machined into the casting, and were hidden under the one-piece cast cover that gave the four its characteristic look. The L77 is an engine produced by General Motors for full-size vehicles. That L76 sends power to an original Muncie 4-speed, which hangs a correct 3831704 casting number and matching partial VIN in front of a posi-traction differential that’s finished with big, 4. The casting number on my 1966 is 3858174 which is identified as a 327 ci V8 block. Billet aluminum intake manifold for LS1, LS3, and LS7. GM Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits; Ford Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits; Chrysler/Dodge Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits The input shaft is 10 spline and the output shaft is 16 spline. All of the '01- '04 6. 0L engines came with a cast iron block that’s a 12576181 casting or an alu- Casting 862 Heads. The first head we tested, which we will refer to as brand “Y’, was a nice looking 280+ cc runner GM casting using OEM LS3 valves. Its bore and stroke is 4 inches by 3. The 5. The L76 was available in the Pontiac G8 GT from 2007-09. It can be a bit hard to see with the ignition shielding in place but the numbers are fairly large. The Chevrolet L76 327 CID top end carbureted V8 engine produced 365 HP at 3,200 RPM. Find 862 In Stock Now. 1 Sep 2017 History of the LS Engine and Cylinder Head Casting Number Spotter's . 018 for the intakes and exhaust respectfully. It depends. 4, aluminum small block engine used in both GM cars and trucks from 2007 to 2009. Our part number for LSx Tech Sticky Specs, castings, swap info, etc Discussion in 'LS1, LS2, LS6, LT1, SBC Turbo and other GM Specfic Turbo Tech' started by BlownShovel, Feb 4, 2009. The Fisher Body Style Number identifies the model of Corvette. For nearly 50 years, we’ve fueled the passion of automotive enthusiasts. Not only does the L92 head design have a blue blood pedigree, but because they are being built for truck and SUV engines, GM Performance Parts has been able to obtain a large number of these heads The exhaust port is a unique D-shape that improves flow. Joe Sherman tests the new AFR 195 heads: 615HP 383ci on 91 octane they are still a very nice casting. One has a finished chamber but still needs a VJ the other needs it's chambers finished. Parts such as blocks, manifolds, heads, transmission cases, differential cases and many more have casting numbers that identify them as particular to certain applications. These resources are meant to help identify vehicles and their options, aid in restorations and help educate new enthusiasts about their vehicles. L76 block casting number: The casting number on Chevy V8’s is located on the drivers side of the engine where the block is connected to the bellhousing. Zora Arkus-Duntov convinced the brass at GM to include independent rear suspension on the '63 because he convinced them he could sell 30,000 cars if they had it. Build-your-own program Cylinder Heads and Casting Numbers. Soon after being introduced, it quickly gained popularity among stock car racers, becoming known as the "Mighty Mouse" motor, after the popular cartoon character of the time. I am 99% sure that all Holden & HSV Gen IV 6. Material: Aluminum. Luckily GM was actually really good at developing cylinder heads when they designed the LS engine. So are they saying the L76 is 4. The high-flowing exhaust runner also makes this head a good choice for boost or nitrous, especially if you check the box for six head bolts (and PRC’s own casting), which is a cheap upgrade. 125 in. Each head is then painted with your choice of 1966 - 1970 Pontiac Metallic Blue, 1970 - 1975 Buick Red, Aluminum, Black, or Bright Red high-heat engine paint and reassembled. [12] See also Find great deals on eBay for ls3 heads and 823 heads. 210 for the 243, and valves (2. Locate Corvette Head on sale below with the largest choice of Corvette Head anywhere online. The OE LS7 cylinder head is equipped with a straight shape valve spring while all other OE LS cylinder heads are equipped with Beehive-Shape springs. A couple of model years of the Gen III engine used cast iron head, but after that the engine switched to aluminum alloy cylinder head. The Engine Suffix Code is stamped on a block pad located immediately forward of the right hand or passenger side cylinder head. i did all that. TGK364RCL Sump: Sump Open. Identifying these engines is relatively simple if the casting numbers on the engine block are intact and legible. Head geometry, as it pertains to valve angles, valve seat angles, and port location, is particularly important and often overlooked. Some heads with this casting number would fail, but not all of them as GM had different suppliers for the same head. they were not available to the public . Factory original LS heads feature PM (powdered metal) valve seats and powdered metal guides, (which feature the lubricity of bronze and the longevity of cast iron guides). The cylinder firing order was changed to 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3, so that the LS series now corresponds to the firing pattern of other modern V8 engines (for example the Ford Modular V8). 30", rod diameter 2. 0L engine 317 or 241 heads. Stock L98 or L76 should have casting number 5364 (maybe also 2716) on front drivers side head. The L98 was another member of the Gen. One of the biggest horsepower gains most V8’s have is with aftermarket cylinder heads. CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. The L76 is an adapted version of the LS2, featuring new rectangle port cylinder heads and Active Fuel Management (AFM). All PRC cylinder heads are extensively researched and tested. The LS2 uses the same head design as the LS1, casting number 241 for ls1 and 243 for the ls2. The L76 engine had cylinder deactivation technology (GM’s Active Fuel Management’, or AFM), though the AFM system was not enabled when the L76 was first introduced in the Holden VZ and WL model ranges. Both are found under the valve cover be it a small block V8 (283/307/327/350) or big block Mark IV V8 (396/402/454). these heads with stock valves will make very noticable much more horse power . LS7/L76/L92 injectors became shorter but used the same USCAR connector (right). ALL Gen III heads are interchangable. 165in (55mm) intake valves and 1. Casting number 12559846 (1998-1999) had an improved cylinder liner design Casting number 12559090 (1998) was a mid-year revision with new cam bushing material. RHS is the leading developer of high performance cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake manifolds and related components for street performance and race engines All of the PRC aftermarket casting cylinder heads already have the larger bolt holes to accommodate 1/2" head studs. GM L92/LS3 CNC Ported Clinder Heads 2. '13 — and were converted from 10" to 28". (among other data) The date code is read as the 1st digit is for the Year - 1 equals 1961 or 1971 or 1981, 2 equals 1962 or 1972 or 1982, etc. That number is actually the casting number of the camshaft, not the part number. 25" The casting number is probably the most significant feature on a cylinder head as it's the hardest to alter. 8L and 5. If you need to leave us information about the cylinder head features you need. Specifications for the 1965 Corvette, including dimensions, electrical, capacities, engine, and features. The block itself. The 1964 Corvette Fuel Filler Cap. (Image/Top Casting Numbers, 12568952. Material: Aluminimum . Aluminum Cylinder Head Specifications. 2 X Cylinder Head Gasket For Ls2 L76 6. Marketing Decode your engines numbers page 6 In the preceding article we've explained in detail how to find and interpret the various codes and ID numbers found on Chevrolet muscle cars. Here is what I have found. Follow this link to learn more about The LS2 and L76 Truck Engines. Our stage 2 program takes our stage 1 port design to the next level and also adds a new redesigned fully cnc- machined combustion chamber. 0 liters in a V8 configuration, the L77 is part of the fourth-generation Small Block engine family and, for all I have the oppertunity to buy 821 casting number heads brand new for very cheaparound $350 each. Walesy- how many times in the last few weeks since i brought this to your attention have heaps of "experts" been wrong. The other code is the engine serial number - it matches the VIN (vehicle identification number) The 250 COD OHV6 engine number and production code number are on the right side, to the rear of the distributor. Let me say I am extremely happy with the results. Ls6 Ls2 Gen Iii Gen Iv Cylinder Head 799 Oem Pair 243 Oem. The only time you are going to see a performance difference is when there is a casting shift that affects the head flow. Intake and exhaust ports are identical to those in the LS6 head, refined and more precisely cast, for an increase in volumetric efficiency. We provide a variety of Corvette Head for your vehicle needs. Used on L92, LS3, L76, L77, L96, L9H, LY6 engines. This shape provide superior dampening and control over spring harmonics. 7L displacement. 3 Liter Truck . Casting 12595364. This is, of course, not to say all CNC heads are outstanding. Our Aussie manufactured HRD Higgins LS-series cast alloy CNC ported heads are available to suit LS7, L98/LS3 ports for street and race applications. We have also listed a partial list of (RPO) option codes. It has a CNC chamber measuring a tad over 71CC. September 28, 2015 The late model LS engine family has been around now for almost 19 years and has replaced the old first gen small block and big block as the engine of choice when doing a engine swap. Then in 1965 and 1966, it was used on all 327-ci engines. I used a lumber crayon to highlight my casting number. 59 exhaust valve (solid stem) 12582714 L92 Bare Cylinder head (Casting No 5364) 12582713 L92 Assembled head with solid stem valves. 3L engines. 0 results for ls2 performance heads Save ls2 performance heads to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Holden High Compression ROAD RACER Inline 6 Blue/Black 12 Port Alloy Cylinder Head (Assembled 48cc) The LS based small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. LS Engine Block and Head Guide by Greg R. As stated above the valve lash was set on . This page list some of the Suffix Code for LS Series Engines. The 57 thru 61 Duntov cam was called an 097 . This article is dedicated specifically to the truck and SUV version of the L76 engine. 0L engine 317 or 241 heads within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hello, here is what i have: 99 s-10 5. Dry sump allowed. We also offer turn-key long-blocks that will include your choice of oil pan, intake manifold, throttle body, etc. The Suffix Code can be found on the rear of the Drive Side Head in most cases. Picture above shows the starter part number and the date code. Casting No. The tail shaft housing has a number T10-7D dated 5-9-62. 00" bore LS engine just itching for a more air and a few more ponies? This new L92 cylinder head is a great affordable bolt-on upgrade that won't clean your wallet out. you cant find this part number listed anywhere . 0L happy. GM L76 Truck Engine Specs. Vacuum pump allowed on wet sumps only. The L76 has huge ports: 240cc on the intake vs. 50 LG4 : 1. Katech Expands Cylinder Head Porting Services to Include LS Engines Expansion part of strategic vision to provide ported engine systems later this year Katech Inc. 6mm bore? I started getting hopeful! SDPC LS3 CNC Ported Cylinder Head, Assembled $849. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Ls2 Heads for your vehicle New aluminum cylinder heads replace the cast-iron heads used on the 2000 Vortec 6000. 3mm bore and does it actually have a 101. The main case has a casting number T10-1C GM 3782212 and has 7/8 inch bore and is dated D-19-62. The robust crankshaft was held in five main bearings, rather than the typical three. 25-inch stroke. l76 head casting number

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