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Add to Cart. line 6 helix Tag. 60 new guitar cabinet speaker impulse responses and Kemper Profiles available now. The Choptones Line 6 Helix Metal Pack Vol. No taxes collect outside of Indiana. Call our Gear Experts at 800-319-9043 for expert advice! Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from Line 6. The Line 6 Helix multi-effects floorboard processor reaches far beyond anything you've ever experienced. My main presets pack for the Line6 Helix (2. Welcome to fremen presets. 🔥 Today's Top Deal: Free Shipping On Orders Over $49. You have a brand new shiny Helix just awaiting you to claim your rock godhood. Line 6 Helix 🔝 FRIED JERRY Amp Matching pack for Line 6 Helix Series a metal mix! Check it out! Line Back In Black-AC/DC Authentic Artist Tone $ 5. 00 Add to cart Basket Case-Green Day Authentic Artist Tone $ 5. 99. 60 and above) New in my catalog, each Amp Pack focuses on an high gain amp model (*), and has 16 presets (+ 1 dual amp preset). Its intuitive control setup makes using and programming the HX Stomp incredibly easy, letting you focus more on getting creative with over 300 different effects, amps, and cabs. I don't want or need to use the 4 cable method as the preamp doesn't offer anything that the Heli Ludo's Guitar Legends Pack 56 presets Line6 helix based on legendary guitar player's gearversion 2. In any case, hardware is a different ball game to software and only the Helix LT of the two units featured here really seems to have effortlessly balanced the two halves of the equation. Line 6 Online Shop. The 3 Sigma Audio Helix Collection - Complete with 20 Exclusive IRs and 20 Mix Ready patches for all styles of music. GS Fatal ClassB2 – The same settings as Class B but with more gain. Each pack comes stocked with 20 mix ready presets and 20 exclusive impulse responses to give . There is no way I could pack up enough guitars, amps, pedals, mics, cables and Or you could buy a dual rectifier and only do metal, but then buy a plexi cause you I have the Helix LT and then purchased a Kemper out of curiosity to see if the I have the Line 6 X3 Live - Does most of these tips apply? AMS showcases the Line 6 Helix and Helix Rack. Line 6 Shop. . I quickly bought the patches available along with the custom artist patches you started working on. This opens a lot more possibilities and makes helix much more flexible in order to find your own personal sound. This is an attempt to simulate the LoFi Old Norwegian Black Metal / Bedroom sound. It sounds amazing through the Blug but I'm seriously considering getting a Line 6 L2t frfr to use instead. Those can be purchased separately from Line 6. Add to New Line in Cart. I have blended the jumped Marshall Plexi into Celestion Greenbacks with the Line 6 Panama model into a second 4x12 model. The Helix might be worth it once it's used market value drops. The Line 6 Drive is installed as a distortion. Find great deals on eBay for line 6 expression pedal and line 6 ex-1. Our Vetta II amplifier includes a digital connection for the Variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the Vetta II so that when you call up a Vetta Channel Memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. AMP [Line 6 Epic - Line 6 Original] CAB IR   FRIED JERRY Amp Matching pack for Line 6 Helix Series âś… Seeking to recreate the great tone of a This time, a metal mix! Check it out! Line 6 Helix. List price for Line 6 Helix but get the free Helix Bag free. by Trey Xavier · September What do you think? Does it do a good job of getting metal guitar tones? Feb 10, 2017 Well, G. ML Sound Lab Mega Toosie+ is an Amp Pack based on an original Mesa™ Boogie Mark IIC+™ tube head from 1984. Helix Metal Compass (Pack of 10) G07040 Main Line Flax Stripe is a charmingly quaint complement to our plain weave bast fibre fabric, Main Line Flax. Line 6 Helix Native v1. I made this to mimic if I went to a store and bought what I could afford. This traditional dies 3 Sigma Audio is the industry leader in guitar production tools. Buy your Line 6 HELIX RACK on SonoVente. Specializing in modeling amplifiers, recording software, and digital modeling guitars, Line 6 is dedicated to inspiring creativity with its music-creation products. Looks like the deal is good thru 12/31 https://www. I don't want or need to use the 4 cable method as the preamp doesn't offer anything that the Heli I've only had my Helix for 3 days but have set up a couple of patches and done 3 live gigs. New listing Line 6 UBER METAL Guitar Effects Pedal Toppers 12-Pack Clear for Line 6 Helix. 13 Custom Presets + 9 SinMix Custom Cabs IR’s. 62 Firmware Upgrade & Metal Model Amp Pack!. Ready to use for Live and in the mix! A must Have for every Metal Player! Cabinets: Mesa®, Marshall®, Engl®, Orange®, Bogner®, Rivera®, Hesu®, David Laboga® Step1 – Import all IR’s Step2 – Import all Preset’s Step3 – Play Fucking Packing plenty of processing power in a rugged, tour-ready chassis, Line 6's Helix is a veritable swiss-army knife for your guitar rig. com, Amps and Effects at an amazing price! From a new approach to guitar and Technology, Helix is an entirely new guitar processor: we took infinite care to gather all the necessary tools for musicians to recreate the sound they have in mind without any compromise. For acoustic guitar players, the Helix is also outstanding! I have loaded some third-party IRs and can't put my acoustic down. Exclusive 12, 8, 5 or 3 Easy Payments on Line 6 Helix LT Modeling Electric Guitar Processor only at AMS! Free 2 Day Shipping & Free Extended Warranty. CaractĂ©ristiques: - PĂ©dalier multi-effets guitare Ă©lectrique, Interface Audio USB, Re-Amper - Technologie de modĂ©lisation dernière gĂ©nĂ©ration Dual DSP HX Modeling Engine Kris Eliuk is raising funds for THE HELIX ( Fidget Spinner ) EDC METAL ART on Kickstarter! The helix was developed in order to provide some complexity in an otherwise vanilla one plate 4 weight WORLD Metal Pack Vol. For the solo I used the 'Metal Helix ® guitar processors have set a new standard for speed and ease of use to craft authentic and responsive guitar tones. Line 6 impulses are Fatal Preset Pack – six presets to die for. It's not really in his financial interest to state "The Helix is really good but isn't quite up to Fractal in terms of sound quality. I'm absolutely loving the bass tones I'm getting Who else is running a Helix in your rig (Direct or not)? Here's a quick mix down of a song from rehearsal (clams and all) a couple of weeks ago. 50 Line 6 has updated Helix Native, the software that delivers the same HX amp and effects modeling found in Line 6’s Helix hardware guitar and effects processors to your favorite DAW, to v1. The NEW M Britt Helix Preset Pack is a collection of 32 Presets for the Line 6 Helix. So far, I am blown away. Line 6 spearheaded the modeling revolution years ago. This 70/30 Buy a Line 6 Helix Control Floor-Based Controller for Helix Rack Guitar Processor for a limited time and you may be qualified to receive financing of 0% INTEREST for up to 12 MONTHS. Helix/HX Service Plus; Apparel . I am lead vocalist and guitar player in cover band. We’ve included both stock and IR patches. Representing a giant leap forward in guitar technology, the HX engine reproduces every minute detail that goes into a great amplifier. A $149. At the core of the Helix is Line 6's new dual DSP HX modeling engine. Metal Shop. My new Line 6 Helix Premium Metal – Pack 1 is now available. It's using an Boss Metal Zone, the MicPre Amp as an Amplifier and an EQ instead of an cabinet. inspiried presets & preset packs along with other custom made patches made speically for the Line 6 Helix / LT / Native. Just adjust the High Cut of the EQ to make the sound darker Black Metal, Lo FI: Download 108 downloads BFischer: Ulver went direct to the board without using a cabinet. If I bought this setup it would have cost about 1200,just for this one amp and 2 pedals. Line 6 helix has given us so much I got tired of reading complaints of why Line 6 Helix. 50. You should only need 1 cable either way unless you want to do stereo. Now one of the most revered instruments and accessory companies around, Line 6 is the go-to music brand for bands like AFI, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins and countless others. Amp,OD,Delay I put a reverb to try and mimc the twin reverb. The Line 6 Helix HX Stomp Multi-Effects Pedal delivers the same high-quality sounds as the flagship Helix in an ultra-compact unit. sweetwater. Metallica Cover Pack Vol. Worx 2 pack timer/edger line is made from a patented copolymer nylon resin and synthetic material designed with an oval aerodynamic shape known as double Helix Metal Compass (Pack of 10) G07040. CB - Helix Presets- Metal - Pack Coming Soon by Chris_Beaver published on 2016-07-13T18:28:46Z Here are 5 different tones from my Metal pack that i'm working on, there will be a lot more presets in this pack when it's finished. It almost doesn't matter what gear you're looking for. available for purchase online. The guitar patches feature the Helix German Ubersonic amp model, which is probably my favourite for metal at the moment. be careful its addictive! I read on the Facebook forum that it will cost current Helix owners $99. 1 for Line6 Helix / LT / Native First pack of 10 patches inspired by historical Metallica guitar tones. HX Stomp Check also my New Producer Pack for Helix 15 Custom . If you have old patches you need to tweak reverb and delay mix, contact me in case of problem. - en Buy your Line 6 HELIX CONTROL on SonoVente. Those presets are built on the same “do it all” template, with 8 snapshots (only the user cab and the amp EQ changes from preset to preset). LINE 6 HX Stomp Line 6 HX Stomp is a professional-grade multi-effects processor that delivers the sound of Helix amps, cabs, and effects in an ultra-compact pedal. Standard Model Packs (6) HD Model Packs (4) HD Metal Pack. 2 inch 800x480-pixel LCD display Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from Line 6. com for a future purchase. That Flextone amp that cost $2,000 brand new about 15 years ago you can now find for $200. But then i decided to buy Helix. Sep 16, 2016 OLA ENGLUND Demos the Line 6 Helix. Click here for more details Apply Now Click for details An entire rig in a pedal. Tutorials, LINE 6 HELIX vs. A new demo played with our BOGIE JP2C Amp Matching pack for Line 6 Helix! a metal mix! Check Mooer Shrooms Footswitch Pedal Stompbox Plastic Toppers 12-Pack Clear for Line 6 Helix etc MOOER-SHROOMS have been designed specifically with products in mind that have LED’s surrounding their foot-switches. Line 6's current flagship hardware product is the Helix, which comes in two different . Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from Line 6. Pack Of 10. SinMix Metal Pack for Helix. On average, shoppers save $20 using Line 6 coupons from PromoCodeWatch. The sounds wow a lot better from the past great amps, distortions, all effects very nice. My new Line 6 Helix Premium Metal - Pack 1 is now available. 70 and new HX Edit 2. I just go into the fx return to use the power amp section of my amp. i offer high quality presets for Fractal Axe-Fx, AX-8, Line 6 Helix, Atomic Amplifire. Additional effects for compatible Line 6 gear. 1 is your definitive collection of metal tones! 20 high quality patches engineered  So, I've done a lot of research and am pretty sure I'll be giving the freman big pack and the freman update 2. Line 6 continuously pushes out new gear and so none of their stuff ever holds it's value. Line 6 Helix Rack is a new kind of guitar processor: it’s not only a tour-grade rack-mounted multi-effect processor that sounds and feels authentic, it’s also one of the most comprehensive master controller for guitar systems ever buil Line 6 Helix Paid Preset/IR Seller Group tiene 605 miembros. Shop with confidence. A 3-patch pack for the Line 6 Helix. KVR Audio News: Line 6 has updated Helix Native, the software that delivers the same HX amp and effects modeling found in Line 6's Helix hardware guitar and effects processors to your favorite DAW, to v1. You simply remove protective paper from glass, attach the clear double sided 3M tape (provided) on both sides & stick! It's that simple. The same care and attention to detail that went into Helix's design is reflected in the backpack. BONUS!! Included in These Bundles Only are my Custom Variax Presets for the HD Workbench! PLEASE NOTE** These Custom patches use the NEW Amp Models from Line 6 for the HD Series. Line 6 Helix. AMP [Line 6 Epic - Line 6 Original] CAB IR [SinMix CAA412_57 - Based on Custom Audio Amplifiers™ 4x12 V30 Speakers] In some ways, this all started with the Line 6 POD, and so it seems appropriate that Line 6 is attempting to reclaim its seat at the big boys’ table. It was the model Line 6 made as a bespoke model for Pete Anderson so was designed from the ground up for the Pod. Free + Premium Line 6 Helix Patch Downloads GN Line 6 Helix Ubersonic Free Patch . We are each using the Line 6 Helix for both guitar and bass duties direct to the FOH and we monitor via in ear monitor. I even purchased it. 30/2. Sturdy metal chassis cuts weight and takes up less floor space; Touch-sensitive footswitches with LED rings . Additional punishing, high-gain amp models for compatible Line 6 gear. stompbox is not part of the package (yet — Line 6 have regularly added new also find top-quality real amps that don't excel at cleans, or blues or metal. Since the Line 6 Helix Multi-effects floorboard processer can be used as a standard amp modeler, a streamlined controller for your rig, your new incredible-sounding guitar interface for recording, or even replace your entire rig, it's pretty much going to have what you need. Looking for a case to store your multi effects pedal when it's time to pack up after the show? The sleek and futuristic design of the Line 6 Helix is a masterpiece that pulls one's attention. the dirt/ distortion/rock/grunge/metal sounds are pretty prominent on the Helix. All patches are recorded directly no audio post processing. Come and have a look at my work Line 6 Helix Amp Packs – € 9. 70. 2 For guitar and 2 for bass. Line 6 Helix Rack Dual DSP Audio Engine Guitar Processor Features. Metal Bass Mayhem. There's already a lot of preset packages for sale out there and I Then I went through all the "Ambient Presets" on the Line 6 Customtone website. 00 each (firmware 2. This Patron exclusive preset pack includes 5 presets based around the Line 6 original Fatal Amp; GS Fatal Class A – “Thrashy” metal tone. Necessary Firmware 2. 1 for Line6 Helix. HD Bass Pack Metal Pack Vol. These presets represent most of the basic tones that I would need to get through a gig, with a few options for each one, as well as a few wacky, fun presets with lots of fx. Line 6 Helix test by John Browne that's odd, they used to have a POD X3/XT with metal shop pack for Browne too. All you have to do is go out of the unbalanced line out with a 1/4" cable or go out of the balanced line out with an XLR cable. Another good cab for metal, now the ENGL E412 SS loaded with celestion V60, that speakers give a diferent tone with more mids in comparison with the Celestion V30, this cab pack had 10 mics with 33 impulses per mic and are made with 4 different mic preamps. This made to thank Line 6 for all of there updates. Create an account! Find great deals on eBay for honda helix rack. Now they are stepping into the future with Helix. Premium Tone Junkie IR included! Specifically dialed in for worship music, and designed to be used in either stomp or snapshot mode. Product Code: HX54506. I didn't buy this for heavy metal/djent type of genres (otherwise I would have gone for the Axe FX  6) Overall, it seems like the Helix was designed primarily for rockers, metal, . Progressive / Alternative Metal. Staple metal tone amps were modeled including the Peavey 5150 (Block logo), Bogner Shiva, and the Remastered Marshall JCM800 (Model 2204). Just adjust the High Cut of the EQ to make the sound darker Headrush v Eleven Rack v Line 6 Helix LT. Buy Line 6 Helix Guitar Multi-Effects Floor Processor: Floor Multieffects DigiTech RP55 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor with Accessory Bundle . I've only had my Helix for 3 days but have set up a couple of patches and done 3 live gigs. 70 Incl Keygen WORKING-R2R Music Metachemical Metadata Metal Metal Music Metal Series METALES Plugin Boutique Plugin Pack PluginDoctor In the last quarter of a century, Line 6's product line has expanded to include electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects processors and more. 24. We play well known songs in many different genres and styles. This multi-effects processor is equipped with a dual-DSP HX modeling engine to give you outstanding amp Line 6 Promo Codes & Coupons for July, 2019 Save with 3 active Line 6 promo codes, coupons, and free shipping deals. We tried to catch the heavy guitar sound that you can hear in “Master of Puppets”, “And justice from all”, “Metallica”, “Death Magnetic” albums. I hope I nailed this tone. BONUS: Includes basic presets for Fractal AX8, Atomic Ampli-Firebox (Screen shots of DTS settings included for the to set up the sound in the AA3 and AA12) and Line 6 Helix For the New Line6 HD 2. Your Price Only ÂŁ5. Also consider your long term investment. Line 6's Helix Backpack is a rugged, go-anywhere custom-designed carrying case made especially for Helix floor processor. Last week I got a free intro pack from Michael Britt which, whilst not as flashy as those from the Amp Factory, are very Well, Andertons stocks Line 6 and doesn't stock Fractal. Trevino has made fantastic use of the Line 6 Helix rack Santa and Trey Xavier megafan, his producer pack is a perfect place to start. **Introducing Amp matching packs for Line 6 Line 6 Helix** After years of experience in profiling and tone matching the most famous and desired amp on the marke t, Choptones beloved Amp Packs are here to give you the pure tone of your favorite amp without the weight and price of the actual ones, but keeping the feel of an analog rig. com, Amps and Effects at an amazing price! Footswitch Helix Rack switches tactile foot, LED rings, custom view, 3 inputs for expression pedals, transmission of data and power via a single cable, robust compact metal housing, reduced weight. Shop for the Line 6 Helix Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal with Backpack and receive I 've been playing guitar since 1983 and primarily play 70s/80s hard rock/metal. All the way from the very beginning to the latest 2. 065-in Trimmer Line at Lowe's. It can be a great addition to your rig, a streamlined controller for your existing system, or an incredible-sounding guitar interface for recording in the studio — it can even replace your entire effects setup! I've been real fan of all that pedalboard'n'amp stuff. Each pack comes stocked with 20 mix ready presets and 20 exclusive impulse responses to give you the versatility to cut through the mix in any genre or scenario. GS Fatal Class B – Modern metal tone with low gain. My settings has 4 snapshot on the lower footswitch, or 8 snapshots Fremen Helix big pack (175 presets) Also included is a collection of metal presets meant to be used for recording, so they're brighter than what I normally use The Pete Anderson custom is probably the main one to get it for - lovely versatile model. But where do you go from here? While there were MANY speakers and cabinets used this is intended to be a use your ears pack so the file names are generic. There are also rack-mounted models like the Rocktron VooDu Valve Online Guitar Multi Effects Processor and the Line 6 POD HD PRO X Guitar Multi Effects. Includes patches based on the PRS Archon and Line 6 Litigator (Dumble style) amps, and a dual-amp patch with both. And granted, Helix Native might find a lot of people who are less concerned about obtaining a realistic modelled amp sound satisfied with the many options it gives you, but for me, it's just not good enough any more. With an Equipboard account you can rate this item, add it to your collection, submit a review to discuss what you like and dislike about it, and associate Line 6 Helix Control to artists that use it. FOR BEST EXPERIENCE LISTEN THROUGH HEADPHONES/LARGE SPEAKERS Testing out some presets form the Choptones Mesa pack For riffing I used the 'Cali M160' preset. Line 6 Online Shop. 00 $ 0. TOONTRACK Releases EZMix Pack by Producer BOB ROCK November 06. No reviews or videos yet for Line 6 Helix Control. Line 6 hit this processor out of the ballpark. 01 firmware and above). 00 Add to cart A new demo played with our BOGIE JP2C Amp Matching pack for Line 6 Helix! Based on a real Mesa Boogie JP2C John Petrucci Signature This time, a metal mix! Check Helpful Line 6 Links for getting started with the Helix Family of Products So you have finally jumped on the Line 6 boat and drunk the Helix Kool-aid like I have. The other one I like just because it's very different is the JC120 - cleany clean clean. WORX 2-Pack 10-ft Spool 0. In addition to the stock cabs that come with Helix (which are great), we have the possibility to import third party Impulse Responses. com/store/detail/Helix Line 6 Helix LT is for sale as list $999. It works really well. 1 is your definitive collection of metal tones! 20 high quality patches engineered using the most famous High Gain amp simulations bulit-in in our flagship Line6 device. T-Shirts; Work Shirts; HD Vintage Pack $49. Digital locking cable that connects Variax instruments to Line 6 gear. T his patch set for the Line 6 Helix, Helix LT, Helix Rack and Helix Native is a collection of what I think are the most Essential Amps in the Helix. 99 value. The only website for musicians in the metal community. It features 4 different patches. 70 update, I have chosen 9 amps which I feel are Essential in any guitarists Amp Collection. Too bad, if you see how Line 6 used to be the company that changed the game at the start of amp, cab and FX modelling Line 6 updates Helix Native to v1. It features 4 different patches. 70compatible Helix Floor , Helix Rack, Helix LT and Helix Nativetweaked for variax , power cabs and direct console in stereoNO IR'S requiredpresets may contains snapshots , total of sounds : 192 Introducing the Helix® Metal Preset’s Pack. Some of them were on my It sounds amazing through the Blug but I'm seriously considering getting a Line 6 L2t frfr to use instead. The noise gate comes first, followed by the MXR Flanger and MXR Phase 90 models. The Helix is no ordinary multi-effects unit. I was tired of buying expensive pedals. Black Metal, Lo FI: Download 103 downloads BFischer: Ulver went direct to the board without using a cabinet. Introducing the Helix® Metal Preset's Pack. Every Helix patch has dedicated demo videos. On the Helix it's simply marked "1/4 out" for the unbalanced signal and "XLR out" for the mic cable. Power Pack. The guitar patches feature the Helix German Ubersonic amp model, which is probably my favourite for metal at the moment. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Line 6 HELIX - Patches / Presets for Line 6 HELIX, LT, Native - HUGE TIME SAVER! at the best online prices at eBay! Users of Line 6 Edit, Gearbox, POD Farm, or other Line 6 Custom Tone editors will find this very useful: you can download all tones that are available on Custom Tone. But would be able to register it up to 4 computers at a time. And Helix changed everything. Cables Variax DI. Such as GE200 and OCEAN MACHINE and Line 6 Helix for example. 7,087 likes · 27 talking about this. The screen protector is constructed from laser cut 3/16 crystal clear Plexiglass. Line 6 Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Helix is a new kind of guitar processor: it's not only a tour-grade multi-effect pedal that sounds and feels authentic, it's also the most comprehensive master controller for guitar systems ever built. Price: $49. FRACTAL AX8 – Metal. 00 Add to cart Blitzkrieg Bop-Ramones FREE Helix Guitar Tone Sale! $ 5. com. 29. When I first bought the Helix rack I was a bit disappointed with the default patches provided by Line 6 but then I found your YouTube channel and all the amazing sounds that are possible with the Helix. Inc Vat ÂŁ6. be careful its addictive! This Amp Pack is compatible with Line 6™ Helix, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX Stomp and Helix Native. This package also has 25 user This is a Helix Screen Protector for the Helix & Helix LT Floor model. Additional vintage and modern amp tones and effects for compatible Line 6 gear. 99 Add to Cart. However, most of the posts  Line 6 Helix Amp Packs – € 9. 00 each I wanted some new metal and rock tones, so I made many new custom IRs, which I would use both for live and  I need some help getting my helix to do a djent/prog modern metal sort of thing Mishas Zilla IR pack which is optimized for "modern metal"). Toggle Navigation. So how to use Impulse Response (IRs) with Line 6 Helix? You can import up to 128 IRs into Helix. Even if we do not know what it is, at first sight, it puts you in a vortex that sucks your attention to it, and you just have to find out more about it. Pedaleinheiten FBV3 The HD Metal Pack ($49) is meant for those on the other side of the rock fence, featuring modern high-gain amps digitized via Line 6's HD modeling technology for your convenience. Each product in the Helix family provides a familiar approach to tone creation, with a straightforward and intuitive interface that eliminates complex menu diving, and replaces it with incredibly easy interaction. 1 for Line6 Helix . Download All Available Tones Via: Line 6 Custom Tone FAQ. Dual DSP-powered HX modeling engine with 4 discrete stereo signal paths, 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics and 70 effects; Imports 3rd party 1024/2048 cab IR’s (impulse responses) Large 6. I have owned earlier line 6 products had some good results but nothing like the Helix. - en Because a budget player could sound awesome. " I would wait for a review from someone who doesn't pay the bills selling Line 6 product if you want an unbiased opinion. 99 and you get a $100 gift card to Sweetwater. $399 for Speaking of versatility, pedals aren't the only type of multi effects units that you'll find here. Your talisman of the sultry tones of silky goodness that is musical nirvana. 3 Sigma Audio proudly presents the 3SA Helix Collection. This Amp Pack is compatible with Line 6™ Helix, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX Stomp and Helix Native. Originally it had 175 presets covering many genres (pop, rock, fusion, metal…), and with the bonus folder, which has updated and new presets for Pink Floyd songs, there’s now a total of 187 presets. This pack contains patches dedicated for rhythm, lead and clean tone for all your musical purpose. It also fits the Helix Rack System. line 6 helix metal pack

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